When it comes to evaluation of restaurants, most of the people make their decisions based on personal opinion. They simply consider the atmosphere and taste of the food to tell if the restaurant is good or not. On one hand, that is appropriate way, because if you like the restaurant, there is no matter if it’s good also from the professional perspective, but on the other hand it is good to know if the establishment really can offer high quality service or not.

Start the evaluation with the first second when you enter the door. There should be a person who greets you and show you the table. You shouldn’t feel confused when you enter the restaurant, so should be someone who tells you which tables are free and where you can sit. If there is no one who greets you, at least there should be sighs which tables are free and which reserved, billigst lån.

When you get to the table, waiter shroud come to you within few seconds and give the menu. If you have to wait more than a minute until you get the menu that shows either a low quality of a restaurant or unprofessionalism of the exact waiter. It is not a norm to wait for a long time to get a menu, even the restaurant is full.

When you get the menu, start the evaluation of it. First, look if the meals in menu contains of seasonal products. If they are, that means the meals are made only from organic, local products that are high quality, but if meals are made of some products that are not available at that time, they are probably imported and that means a lack of quality. Next evaluate the food supply. Good restaurants usually don’t offer many meals, but few, good quality, specially cooked foods. They are created by the chef, so all the taste nuances in the food are matched. There are not many variations available.

When you wait for your meal, evaluate the furnishings. You shouldn’t be able to her the other costumers. If you are, then the tables are located too close to each other to save some space. Also the sitting and eating should feel very comfortable (kviklån sms 24h). If there is any inconvenience, something is not right.

Also the quality of furniture and design itself is important. Cheap furniture means cheap restaurant in its worst meaning. If there are some plastic tables or other cheap and low qualitative elements, they are trying to save on costumers’ comfort, which is one of the most important aspects at this kind of establishments.

When waiter brings you the food, the real evaluation can start. First check the dishes. They must be perfectly clean. There should be no stains, fingerprints, dusts or anything else on the dishes. If you order food that should be warm, also the dishes must be warm, so the food wouldn’t get cold after few minutes. If you know what dishes must be used for each food, you can also check that.

After that, you must evaluate the most important aspect – the food. If you are not a gourmet that understands everything about the details of taste, all you can do is to decide ether you like the food or not, however there are some things that can be learned. For example, check if the food is not raw or overcooked, check the amount of salt and spices and check if the food is properly ready for cooking. Of course, also consider the look of your meal.


After meal you can check the professionalism of waiter again. Check if he can remove the dishes and bring the bill on time and are polite to you.