Nowadays mainstream media is one of the most popular information sources that people use every day. People mostly trust in everything that’s said or written in mainstream media, so we could say media has ultimate control over whole mankind - prestamos inmediatos. If there would be some fake news on some of the words biggest media platforms, people would go crazy about it. Nobody really wants to check if the news is true or not, because there is unconditional trust in media. Does that mean the one who controls the media controls the whole world and if so, who is the one who has this control?

A bit frightening is the fact that almost 90% of the world mainstream media is controlled by 6 major companies. These companies are CBS, GE, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and News Crop. Although they are all USA news companies, they influence the whole world, because they provide news for European, Asian and other continent news companies as well. That means these six companies can tell people what to think and what to do. Does that mean we should look at every piece of information in mainstream media with doubt?

Actually, it is not as bad as it might seem. First of all, these six companies compete between each other. If one of them would come up with fake news, others should either play along or tell people the truth and in a name of competition, usually other news companies tell all the truth. They are all reaching for the ultimate power, but for now, they must be as true as possible, because otherwise they can lose the trust of the audience. If there would be only one ultimate leader in field of mainstream media, there really might be some fake news created, but now there is still balance.

Also, there is very strict control. Media can’t just make up fake news and spread it. First of all, the government of USA and other important institutions controls these media companies and second of all, the whole world is judging and watching. There will always be someone who knows the whole story and will object if they spot something that is not quite true. However, the controlling institutions have their own interests as well, so there might be some agitation going on.

And the last factor that doesn’t let the controllers of the media have ultimate control o the world is that there are also many small alternative media companies that can speak up. Although smaller companies can’t reach so wide audience and people still listen more to the huge media giants, there will always be a group of people who will listen to all the opinions and will search for the truth themselves.


So, the biggest control of the media still has the biggest news companies (prestamos personales) that were mentioned above, however, that doesn’t mean they have overall control of the whole worlds media. As long as there is competition, controlling institutions and most importantly, the freedom of speech, no one can have the control of people’s minds. The space for information is getting bigger and bigger, so everyone can tell what’s on their mind. There can be fake news fed, but people are those who choose whether to believe them or not.