We all know many information sources, so the question, where do people get the information from, might seem silly at first, but we wanted to figure out, what are those information sources that are the most popular among the whole society? Do people search for information to really find out the truth or do they just read and listen to everything that comes in their way? Here is the answer - http://kreditos247.es/

57% of the people get the news and actual information from television broadcasts. That includes cable television, local television and also network nightly. The local broadcasts are more popular, because there are provided the information that is closely related to the certain audience. People are less interested in what’s going on in the world and more interested in their closest surroundings. The most common answers to the question, why they choose television, they answer, because it is free, easy accessible and, most important, reliable information source.

In the second place, there is internet. That includes social media, news platforms and other websites and apps. 38% of people use it as main information source to find out the latest news. The online news is especially popular among younger people, who use computers and mobile devices daily. People choose to consume online news mostly because they are easily accessible. That means, the reader doesn’t have to look for the news, because the news finds them. Second reason is that online news is the only information source that can provide all the latest news, without any hesitation. For example, the news in television usually tell about the action that was going one at least few hours ago, but on online news you can find information about events that happened just few minutes ago. Also, people who consume online content claims that it is the most reliable information source.

24% of the people still chooses to listen to the radio to get the information, but this number is rapidly falling. The radio is more popular among elder people and usually they listen to local radio stations to get the top information about their surroundings, just like in the case of television. The radio is chosen mostly, because that way it is possible to listen to the news while doing some other tasks, for example, driving a car.

And the most unpopular information source is printed media such as newspapers. Only 19% of people use printed media and also its popularity is decreasing. Newspapers are not so popular, because they are not available at home and also there is a need to pay for each edition, however, people who still uses this information source claims that it is a lot more reliable, beside there is a less unnecessary content such as advertisements.

So mostly people appreciate the chance to get free information anywhere, anytime. People are not willing to search for information on purpose. They are not so much interested, either the information is true or not. Although they mostly claim that they base their choice on the reliability of the information source, it doesn’t go along with the fact that they are not ready to pay for the news content and also that they are not willing to search for information on purpose. They just listen or read everything that come in their way, even such websites as Kreditos246.es. Of course, that doesn’t apply to everyone, but to the society as a mass.